Sailing & Cruising Tours

Spend life changing moments on board

By choosing one of our bespoke Sailing & Cruising tours, by motorboat, yacht or catamaran you will become part of an enchanting sea adventure beyond the ordinary.


We arrange both semi private and private luxury day cruises

to the Athenian Riviera, Saronic Gulf and nearby selected destinations in the Cyclades islands with our longer luxury charters.

Choose your preferred cruise to spend life changing moments on board discovering hidden spots and secluded bays with your loved ones while visiting archaeological sites and majestic beaches. Here are just some of our itinerary recommendations, while all can be tailored to suit your personal desires.

  • The breathtaking Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion
  • The Sanctuary Temple of Aphaia on the island of Aegina
  • The famous ancient theatre of Epidavros
  • Iconic island escapes to Mykonos, Paros, Santorini and more

Other Athenian Experiences

Thrilling experiences translated into priceless memories


Traverse the streets of Athens

Private tours in Athens

Our Private tours in Athens cover the city in a variety of ways, with focuses on culture, food, history, archaeology, religion and its urban fabric.


Priceless memories that will echo through time

Private tours from Athens

Visit some of the most riveting UNESCO sites that shine a light on the Greece that was, some thousands of years ago.


Savour an eclectic range of Greece’s most prestigious wines

Delectable wine tasting

Wine has been an inextricable part of Greek culture since the ancient times. Associated with philosophical discussions and revelry, it is considered the fuel of both intellect and entertainment.


Let us take you to the source of amazing Greek food

Bonafide farm experience

We visit a real farm where you can experience the bonafide farm life for one evening


Our hands-on cooking class centers around creating a traditional Greek meal

Authentic cooking class

First, we learn how to prepare all-time classic Greek dishes and then we gather around the table to enjoy the “fruits” of our cooking labour, in a lovely environment.


Dare to admire Greece’s beauty from a different perspective

Sensational helicopter flights

Give yourselves the opportunity of witnessing breathtaking visuals. Let your spirit soar as you traverse the landscapes of Greece mid-air and get to your desired destination in a heartbeat.

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