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The 19th century, neoclassical, listed building housing A77 Suites has been restored to its former glory and transformed into a state-of-the-art collection of luxurious suites that boast minimalist design and exquisite materials.

Characterised by exceptional finesse, embodying the everlasting Athenian aesthetic

The marble, wood, brass touches and gypsum ceilings with cornice detailing as well as an array of modern art works here and there create an environment of high-end elegance and meaningful luxury, placing A77 Suites among the best luxury hotels in Athens. A77’s twelve exceptional suites await to become your urban sanctuary that immerses you into a tale of tangible history. A77 Suites philosophy is about reviving the city’s neoclassical soul. Having maintained the frame and interiors as close as possible to the original structure, A77 Suites is an ode to Athens’ neoclassical architecture.

In addition to bridging the past and present of Athens city, A77 also aspires to fully embody the ancient Greek hospitality ideal which prescribed that hosting guests must be both a pleasure and duty, treating them not as strangers, but with heartfelt care as if they were the closest of friends.