The neighbourhood

At the foot of the legendary Acropolis

An enthralling place to explore, Athens is a captivating mix between the ancient relics of an age that set the foundations of modern civilisation, and an edgy, urban side that will take you by surprise. The city’s contrast of culture is absolutely riveting, and more vivid than ever in our neighbourhood imbued with everything that is quintessentially Athenian.

One of the oldest and perhaps most picturesque locations in the historical city center, exploring the locale of Plaka and the adjacent districts is one of the most fascinating things to do during your stay. Let us show you where our people love to hang-out, for a true taste of the local Athenian scene.

Things to do in the neighbourhood

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The coffee culture of Plaka

A favourite local pastime, especially in Plaka, Αthens’ most colourful and historical area, “going for coffee” is something to do any time of day. It is just another opportunity to spend time outdoors soaking up the urban Athenian vibes, in between sauntering through Plaka’s picturesque alleys. Order a traditional Greek coffee, the classic ice frappe or the more hip version of a freddo espresso or cappuccino, coupled by your dessert of choice.

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Acropolis Museum

No visit to Athens is complete until you witness the iconic Acropolis and its state-of-the-art museum. Located on the rock’s southern side, the Acropolis Museum truly brings to life all the centuries worth of history, hosting important and invaluable artefacts that pertain to the Acropolis and Greece’s wider ancient heritage.

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The islandesque Anafiotika district

Perhaps Athens’ most peculiar district, with architecture that resembles that of islands, Anafiotika is a colourful and quirky little neighbourhood strewn along the downhill of the Acropolis’ northern side. Set amidst old and new Athenian homes, Anafiotika is a vibrant place both day and night, populated with an array of traditional cafes and tavernas, some of which arrange live Greek music to accompany your drinks and meals in the evenings.

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Koulouri - the traditional street snack

Whilst in Athens, you must definitely try the traditional, on-the-go street snack we call ‘koulouri’. It is essentially an artisan bread ring covered in sesame seeds. You won’t be able to miss the various vendors selling them all around Athens, while there are a couple of shops that sell these popular street treats exclusively.

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Local gastronomy - Plaka’s food scene

Going out to eat in Plaka, and you will be spoiled for choice. You can find casual places to eat and fancy places to eat; savour traditional cuisine with the all-time-favourite Greek dishes, as well as more refined, gourmet dining. Places for brunch, lunch and meze (the Greek tapas), plus sweets and pastry shops, dive bars, sophisticated cocktail bars, wine bars, and the list goes on.

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